What we can offer


We provide a range of bespoke
investment services to our clients


  1. Discretionary Investment Management

    PBIM offers professional investment management services. Your investment manager will take responsibility for the management of your portfolio at their discretion, based on your individual requirements.

  2. IHT Portfolio

    Peregrine & Black Investment Management offer a market leading investment solution for reducing and potentially eliminating inheritance tax on your investments.
    An increasingly popular route for reducing an inheritance tax liability, is Business Relief. HMRC currently recognises that beneficiaries can benefit from 100% Business Relief on shares in certain AIM listed companies. Furthermore, you only need to have owned the shares for two years before the date of death for the tax benefits to take effect.

    We specialise in seeking out well-established companies with good business track records and sound investment potential. Sometimes these companies are characterised by a large family interest or significant stake retained by its founders. Often such businesses are conservatively managed and have existed for a long time. Here at Peregrine & Black, we have the resources to seek out the best of these companies, monitor them closely and spend time with their management. We closely analyse the performances of these companies and also their continued eligibility for Business Relief.

    We provide a first-class service where you have direct access to the investment manager, award winning reporting & administration with comprehensive 24-hour internet access to information about your portfolio. We can also work closely with your other advisors.
    It is important that you understand the risks involved in an investment in the IHT portfolio and we strongly recommend that you obtain professional advice before doing so. We can provide you with that advice or work with your existing advisor.

  3. Model Portfolio Solutions

    Our Managed Portfolio Solutions are a straightforward, cost-effective way of enabling you to benefit from our investment expertise, process and resources, with the aim of preserving or growing your wealth.

    Quickguide | PBIM Defensive Portfolio | PBIM Cautious Portfolio | PBIM Balanced Portfolio | PBIM Growth Portfolio

  4. Execution Only

    This service is available to clients who wish to make investment decisions on their own behalf without the assistance of an investment manager.

  5. Foreign Exchange

    We are able to transact foreign exchange for our professional and retail clients to achieve the best rates possible.

  6. Asset Based Lending

    We offer the flexibility for clients to borrow against the assets we manage on their behalf.

  7. Impact Investing

    Clients who seek a social or environmental return on their investments benefit from our in-house expert to help them refine their objectives and develop a portfolio that is aligned to their values. Investments are made in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, microfinance, and affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education. We work with our clients to understand their appetite for risk and the financial return they are seeking. PBIM then select the sustainability funds or individual companies that best suit our clients’ unique interests and perspectives.

  8. Offshore Investment Services

    The Bermuda office provides international investors, advisors and intermediaries with relationship management and access to the full suite of Peregrine & Black Investment Management services.